Data Protection Policy

  1. Personal Data Record.
    When visiting the website of AENAON MANAGEMENT and using its services, you may be asked to enter some data (name, profession, e-mail etc) so that relevant services (newsletters, Web2SMS etc) are activated on your behalf and also to ensure the possibility of communication with you, to which you have explicitly agreed to be informed about our new services.
    It is clarified that AENAON MANAGEMENT does not have a publicly accessible list of its subscribers’ e-mails. Therefore, possible personal data (i.e. access names etc) appearing anywhere in the pages and services at AENAON MANAGEMENT website are intended exclusively and only to assure the operation of the corresponding service and are not allowed to be used by any third party, without observing the provisions of Law 2472/97 and Law3471/06 on personal data processing protection, as each time in force. AENAON MANAGEMENT acts in accordance with the existing legislation and aims at better application of proper practice for the Internet. Your personal information are securely kept for as long as you are signed in for a service of AENAON MANAGEMENT and are deleted when your business relation with AENAON MANAGEMENT is in any way concluded. When it is information of people that have not yet sign in for a service, but have participated in other on-line activities, their information is kept for as long as is required to ensure the proper execution of the specific activity. The personal data given to AENAON MANAGEMENT are exclusively used by the company to support, promote and execute the business relation or for statistic reasons. Receptors of data of the file can be companies that may intervene for the promotion, support and service of the business relation and only for the provision of electronic communication services or services of added value the user has asked, always under the conditions of articles 4 and 5, par.5, section b, Law3471/06.Data of the file are also notified to the competent judicial, police and other administrative authorities upon their legal request and according to the each-time legislative provisions in force. In the framework of legislation on telecommunication confidentiality, the User has the right to information and objection stipulated in the provisions of Law2472/1997 and Law3471/06 on personal data.
  2. Use of cookies
    During your visit to the AENAON MANAGEMENT website, the pages you are looking at, along with possible included cookies, may be loaded to your computer. Cookies are text files through which AENAON MANAGEMENT server identifies your computer.
    These cookies are stored in your computer to achieve or facilitate your communication via the electronic communication network or when necessary to provide a service you have asked.
    Cookies record only the website pages said computer has visited and for how long. The user may adjust his/her computer to accept cookies, be notified when a cookie is issued or reject cookies’ installation. If you have not adjusted your computer to reject cookies, you can browse AENAON MANAGEMENT website anonymously, up to the time you sign in for one of its services.
  3. Provision of information
    We will provide you with information from time to time about other services of AENAON MANAGEMENT, in which you can sign to use them. We are also given the opportunity to participate in surveys carried out by AENAON MANAGAEMENT or cooperating companies on the effectiveness and appeal of the provided services.
  4. Users under 18
    For users under the age of 18, prior consent of the parents/ guardians is considered given in any case of stating personal data at AENAON MANAGEMENT website.
  5. Personal Data Processing and Protection

This document describes the policy of AENAON MANAGEMENT regarding personal data information (hereinafter “information”) provided by the visitors of its pages (hereinafter “users”), when in any way they wish to send their CVs seeking employment or when signing in as candidates for hiring or when sending or preparing their CVs, or generally information including personal data or when such information is sent in any way and/or they contact AENAON MANAGEMENT via e-mail.